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Built-Rite Closets

Our History
Built-Rite Closets is a privately owned family run company with over 30 years experience in the home improvement industry. Over these years we have mastered every aspect of custom closet systems, organization & storage systems and custom built-ins. We are not a Franchise company which ensures our service will be more personalized to you and your needs.

Our Photos
Of course we don’t get the fabulous staged photos from studios in places like California. All of the photos on our web site are photos of our clients closets and rooms at their homes, unlike other companies whose photos are all of showrooms, giving you a false idea of what their product is actually like. Our photos are real and properly show you what to expect from our products. 

Our Process
We will visit your home to confer about your ideas and your vision for your new closet. After our meeting we create designs based on your wants, needs and budget for you to look at and give feedback on. After you have decided on the design we put your project into production and we will schedule the installation as soon as possible for a very smooth experience.

Many people can install a closet, but if you want it to be installed perfectly, no one does it quite like Built-Rite Closets. We always go the extra mile to ensure complete and total satisfaction. Most closet companies will cut corners because it’s easier and faster, but not Built-Rite Closets. One example of this is our better way of setting panels to the floor. Other companies will start at the highest point of the floor and use shims to give all of the panels the same height. This results in gaps between the bottom of the panel and the floor that can be as big as an inch. At Built-Rite Closets we start at the lowest point and cut the other panels to be level while still touching the floor. This takes more work but leaves the closet looking cleaner and more professional and it will stand the test of time. It is the little things that make a difference and we do all the little things.

Why Built-Rite?
Many years ago, Denis was constantly clashing with a homebuilder who was always looking to take shortcuts to reduce his costs. Denis’ theory was that in the long run, it will always cost less to do it correctly in the first place. After a number of these disagreements, the homebuilder told Denis that he should name his company Built Right. The very next day we went to the town clerk and filed the name and we’ve been doing it the Built-Rite way ever since. Built-Rite is not some “catchy” name, nor is it a gimmick.  It is the way we do business. Nobody else in the business can match our designs, installations, customer service and quality. And, with some of the lowest overhead costs in the market, we are able to produce exceptional quality custom closet systems with superior installations at more affordable prices.


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